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lasting value

Our platform allows brands to manage the identity of physical objects, creating digital twins, and recording every stage of their journey using the most secure blockchain technology. This creates lasting value.

What is myLime

MyLime is a flexible and modular platform specific on blockchain technology.

MyLime stands for my lim-ited e-dition. Where “my” reflects the concept of ownership and “limited edition” the one of scarcity. Those are only two of the driver which reflect the value of an object.

It is the history of the product which makes the difference in value estimation, provided that the documentation is transparent and certain. MyLime solves the problem of how to protect the history of a product. A tracking and validation process was developed based on blockchain technology: a digital identity card in which content is grouped into encrypted blocks and chained in chronological order. Not only is the timing important, but also the geolocation of the recorded information. This data is immutable: once entered, it cannot be changed or deleted, thus guaranteeing the authenticity of the asset and therefore its value.

Where we work

Our expertise focuses on giving value to the product history information independently from craftsmanship, component complexity and level of technology





Art & Lifestyle


Wine & Spirits


How we create lasting value

Each product has a story.
Those who buy luxury products are more and more interested in the transparency and traceability of processes, therefore the history of the product, from material origin, to assembly plant, until the point of purchase.

How we create lasting value

MyLime wants to be this journey.
Through our methodology we trace the complete path of the product, acquiring the ability to record immutably history, location and status of an article using patented technology.

Digital Product Identity

The product with its aesthetic and technical features is identified and univocally correlated with its owner.


Product development phases are notarized through data and media contents (photo, video, audio).

Special Parts

The installation of additional accessories, that increase the value of the good, is registered in the product history.


Register and keep track of every ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operation.


Register every event to which the product participates, officially recognized by the brand

Ownership Transfer

Possibility to manage the second hand market


18 June 2021

Viva Tech 2021 – Live from Paris

MyLime takes part in Viva Technology 2021: Europe’s biggest startup and tech event. Thanks ITA Startup Agenzia ICE – for supporting us!
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18 June 2021

MyLime has been mentioned by

myLime has been mentioned by among the best Automotive Companies and Startups in Italy (2021).
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06 May 2021

Project presentation at the PitchForce competition

Today myLime will present its project to a panel of angel investors during the PitchForce virtual competition. Follow the event in streaming:
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19 April 2021

Interview Blockchain&Co for Forbes Italia

Don’t miss out our CEO’s interview with Forbes Italia! A great discussion about myLime and the initiative myClassic with Federico Morgantini.
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