Create lasting value with our Digital Product Passport

Meet the needs of the stakeholders: the Customers, the Brands, and Regulators & Governments

Embrace a strategic approach to DPP adoption: trace the journey, add value for customers and suppliers, anticipating also the incoming regulations.

MyLime provides the stakeholders of the ecosystem with richer information, through customised solutions or API, making it scalable and transversal.



Select the product’s entry-point to create the certified “Digital Twin”



Enter the product’s information into the dashboard, approve it and record it in blockchain.



Claim the product and find the entire asset journey on the app.


Update & Resale

Record maintenance activities and resale in a transparent, fail-proof  and real time way.

Regulators require more transparency and traceability.

The adoption of the Digital Product Passport is becoming a must, especially for the global luxury brands, which are both based and sold in Europe.
Blockchain adds value and security to the ecosystem created by the brand.

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