Automotive Blockchain

Our official trademark designed
mobility prospects

MyLime has developed and patented the Automotive Blockchain®, designed for mobility prospects (agriculture, vehicle, bike, motorbike), which represents MyLime’s technological paradigm for managing assets and related services throughout their lifecycle.

A unique digital ecosystem that embraces manufacturers and their third parties: brands, suppliers and service providers collect the asset and sub-asset data, guaranteeing interoperability.

The digital product passport is crucial in the mobility field for several reasons:

  • Provides transparency regarding the origin, components, and any modifications made during the use of the asset;
  • Certify the compliance of products helping to ensure the safety of vehicles and equipment;
  • It can streamline supply chain processes, reducing paperwork, minimizing errors, and improving overall efficiency.

Moreover, for consumers having access to detailed product information instills confidence and trust in the brand.

The manufacturer gives the licenses to the stakeholders, which can be divided into Primary and Secondary, that respectively handle asset and service management.

It is clear there is a complementarity among the three stakeholder, thus the brand can guarantee the fundamental steps of the DPP with simply some integrations.