Trace every item from the supply chain.

Track transparently the production and have trustworthy data

Track transparently the production, from each component to the assembling.

Attesting the processes of the factory allows compliance and control, and permits to have a comprehensive oversight of the entire supply chain.

Digital Identity

Create a unique and transparent digital identity of products, associating the physical asset to its digital twin through the entry point.
It encompasses a wide array of identifying information that can be used to authenticate and interact with digital systems.

Factoring Integration

We aim to collect primary data from each major player in the supply chain, in order to paint an accurate picture of product information.

Connect seamlessly the MyLime solution with your ERP, CRM and data storage systems, for a streamlined data management and enhanced traceability across your operations.

IoT Wallet

No need to integrate yourselves to any data management tool, with the IoT Wallet system we deal with the digitization of components in factory environments as well.

We present a credible guarantee of your product specifications and environmental impact to your suppliers, ensuring data integrity and fostering trust in your value chain relationships. This not only strengthens collaboration but also demonstrates your commitment to transparency and sustainability in your business practices.