Digital ID for the entire lifecycle

Track, authenticate
and engage consumers.

The Digital Product Passport is a bridge between physical assets and their digital identity: we make the history accessible tracking the entire lifecycle of the product in an authentic way.
The entire journey traceability is possible thanks to different stakeholders, which are the brand, the partners and the final customers.

Our core feautures include basic Digital Passport functionalities, but also engagement and loyalty tools, for a 360° experience.

We focus on the experience of the final customers, in order to engage them directly with the brand and enable successful DPP initiatives.
Our blockchain-based technology enables to increase trust, thanks to immutability and transparency values and to the certified data.

Bespoke Program

With the Bespoke Program events are created in the production line, especially on the individual steps of assembly of the asset: these events can be notified in real time to the end user who can see them as they go – for example during the order time before the asset is delivered – or be saved on the asset history and viewed after the claim.

Marketing Campaign

Through our app it is easy to send targeted and customized marketing campaigns – for example through push notifications – in order to maximize events in blockchain. The events are based on the product owned, which is correlated to the person. In order to encourage users to create new events, we have set up features like the bespoke, the palmarès and the retrofit.

New Incomings

We enable brand to unlock new sources of revenue streams, for example through the alliance of third parties or integration of other CRMs data.

We make possible the creation of additional revenue mainly throught 3 different solutions: the ownership transfer and the heritage program that include additional payments, and the license of the dashboard
This last one involves official dealers and smaller affiliates, thus permitting the creation of a direct relationship with final clients and partners.

Retrofit Program

The Retrofit Program allows to create the digital identity and the Digital Product Passport in retrospect: the brand collects the information from an historical archive, thus creating the new DPP.

This program is really interesting for all the Memorabilia items, as a vintage and iconic product can receive an evaluation and receive a fresh new Digital Passport.

Moreover, after the evaluation the user can do the ownership transfer.

Customer loyalty and gamification

Loyalty strategies to consolidate long-term customer value: build community trust with experiential content and ad hoc marketing campaigns.

Gamification dynamics increase consumer engagement and define the value of an asset in a more dynamic and fun way.

Ownership Transfer

Resale becomes quick and easy: the new buyer has access to the entire product history, verifying its authenticity and steps through time.

Moreover, the immutable certificate of ownership prevents fraud and counterfeits, increasing trust also in the second hand market.


Through the Retrofit Program we can create a DPP in retrospect: this is really interesting for all the Memorabilia items, as a classic car or vintage bag carried by a celebrity, which can receive an evaluation and obtain a fresh new Digital Passport.


It is possible to include a 1:1 correlated NFT with the physical counterpart. The NFT is not created for mere speculative purposes but is associated uniquely with the physical asset to certify its ownership and exclusivity in digital environments.