Who is MyLime, and what do we do? We had the opportunity to talk about it this Friday live on RTL102.5.

We think that this everchanging world, always connected and up to date, offers new and exciting opportunities. In particular, we deeply care about transparency and traceability to retrace the history of each product and verify its authenticity.

But how did we do that?
The solution lies in an updatable digital passport linked to the physical product. This is the objective our CEO Elena Moglia had in mind since MyLime was founded in 2018. The security and traceability of this passport are granted with the use of one of the most talked-about technologies: blockchain.If you want to know more about it, have a look at Elena’s interview here below.
We would like to thank Eugenio La Teana and Pietro Sorace for this incredible opportunity and for hosting us on RTL.