Digital Product Passports for Components

Find out the core features
for the supply-chain sector

The adoption of the Digital Product Passport could touch upon many industries, such as the one of supply-chain and factories.
The modularity and flexibility of the DPP let it fit with the specific industry, business strategy and target audience.


Declare at the offer stage the usage of a certified process stages blockchain with legal value.

Revenue growth

Build an authorized parties network to offer a more accurate traceability service on demand.

Cost reduction

Trace and certify all the most meaningful stages, matching data coming from labour (audio, pictures, media per each workstation) and capital intensive (periodical data recording) processes.

Digital Identity & Claim

Create a unique and transparent digital identity of products, associating the physical asset to its digital twin.

User scans the tag and make the asset claim, which will appear on the smartphone with its digital identity.

Asset Check

The asset check allows for an authenticity check of the product at any time, by scanning the tag and displaying a variety of information of the history.