Forever Rose

Lately, #NFTs prices have been skyrocketing. But did you know when for the first time, one of these #crypto arts reached the $1 million sale price? πŸ–ΌπŸŒ It was in 2018 and the NFT in question is the “Forever Rose”. 🌹

The cost of this artwork was split between 10 collectors (if you’d like to know who they are, their names are listed on the Forever rose website). This project was made up by the photographer and a team, with the purpose to bring #blockchaintechnology to the real world and people, helping artists and content creators to present their work to a global audience. “People traditionally have valued things they can see and feel. But some of the most valuable things — like #love, for example — can be felt but not seen,” Abosch stated. “#Art reduced to its essence is about the idea.”

It is said that the Forever Rose Project will help pave the way for art to be integrated with blockchain technology, protecting and storing the #value of art eternally.