The world’s first webpage

It has been 31 years since CERN computer scientist Tim-Berners Lee received the Touring Prize in 2016; on August 6, 1991, he published the first-ever website at CERN.  The most profound transformations have occurred with the emergence of Web2, which aims to actively engage users and the content itself is more user-generated.

Highest vehicle mileage

Irving still holds the Guinness World Record for the highest vehicle mileage on a personal car with over 5,000,000 km on his Volvo 1800S. Irving has driven over 100,000 km a year visiting car shows, with the longest stretch on a trip from New York to Vancouver, Canada.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk has a love-hate relationship with #cryptocurrencies.
While he continues to believe in the claims and #innovation of cryptos, his often contradictory tweets have had a major impact on their prices. 💸

The dumped hard drive

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where a small decision could have changed your life? 🤔
Well, one of these decisions happened to James back in 2013, and now he wants to remedy what happened.

Existing Crypto

Anyone can create a cryptocurrency, even just for fun. But launching a cryptocurrency that is successful and gains value generally requires commitments of time, money, and other resources, in addition to advanced technical knowledge. Making a cryptocurrency is the easy part. Maintaining and growing it over time is usually much more challenging.

Visa’s CryptoPunk

In an email, Visa’s head of #crypto wrote, “Our excitement about this project is less about any individual Punk and more about the #CryptoPunk collection as a whole and what it represents—the beginnings of a new chapter for digital commerce. This is just the beginning. We’re eager to continue building our #NFT collection and to support the diverse group of artists and creators working in this space.”

Hottest Female-led NFT project

The WoW (World of Women) #NFT project was released on July 27th, 2021, and was created by the NFT artist Yam Karkai. WoW’s goal with their NFT collection is to leverage the art and community to: In the NFT and #web3 space, increase diversity and inclusivity.

New record for most expensive NFT

The Merge is, what can be called, fragmented #art. Each of the ‘masses’ cost $575 when the sale began, but the price of the tokens went up by $25 every six hours.  Pak, a pseudonymous artist (or artist collective), has been at the forefront of #digitalart and #crypto media for more than 20 years, best known for creating Archillect, an #AI built to discover and share stimulating visual media.

First commercial bitcoin transaction

Laszlo Hanyecz in 2010 spent exactly $41 for two pizzas from the famous pizza chain Papa John’s, but instead of paying in dollars, he decided to make the transaction in #Bitcoin, paying 10.000 BTC.

Well, Bitcoins’ value has grown exponentially in recent years, and with that same amount of bitcoin today it would be possible to buy around 22.5 million of those same pizzas.

In honor of that first bitcoin transaction, a dedicated day was instituted, the #bitcoinpizzaday. A temporary virtual pizzeria called “Bitcoin pizza” was also opened last year.

One cat for the price of a flat

CryptoKitties is a #blockchain game on Ethereum developed by Canadian studio Dapper Labs, first released in 2017. The game involves breeding of digital cats to generate progeny that become valued collectibles. A CryptoKitty’s ownership is tracked via a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, and the kitties themselves are represented as #NFTs.

The game gained explosive growth upon its release but quickly collapsed in a short time. The highest prices reached for these kitties in fact were mostly touched upon release.
The oversupply of kitties and the consequent loss of profit contributed in the rapid decline of the game.