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We are on a mission to uncover the true potential of create lasting value by involving authoritative actors that notarize its life cycle phases.

We are in a time where we know the price of everything, but the true value of hardly anything.

Many factors can make a singular object valuable: when and by whom it was created; which materials were used for its production; which order in a batch of production it had;

where it was presented and worn; who owned it before; and many other properties. In short, they describe an item’s uniqueness, history, and scarcity.

MyLime introduces an additional and unprecedented layer to the ownership of luxury goods that can make these unique characteristics permanently visible.

Its setup is tailored to the particular needs of the luxury and lifestyle context, and informed by the overarching trends that shape that context.
While the nature of lifestyle will continue to evolve as it always has, this programmable platform allows its clients to safely master those changes.


We cultivate a collaborative culture committed to developing innovative solutions, and prioritize hiring exceptional and hard-working talent. We have developed a set of core values that will help us achieve this goal.

Be a team

People are our main asset. To own a project is to take it from concept to completion. Manage yours responsibilities, listen to others’ opinions and encourage one another.

Be honest

We don’t allow ourselves to be fake. Be honest with yourself and the world around you. Open up to giving and receiving feedback.

Be a pro

Think big. We encourage competition and seek individuals that know how to get things done. Be the best version of yourself.

Be a tech enthusiast

It’s not only a job, it is a passion! Nurture your curiosity, combine different approaches, apply knowledge from different fields. Look at things objectively, and don’t let your convictions and stereotypes skew the information. Think in order to fulfill our customers expectations

Find the essence

At MyLime, the essence is searched in the unity of art and technology. Everyone can develop their own artistic taste through learned practice, although part of it depends on innate ability.


Meet our team of leaders that push themselves every day to solve the seemingly impossible. They are profoundly ambitious tech professionals who love a good challenge. Working side by side with them is always an inspiration, and this works both ways.

Management & Stakeholders

The Stakeholders of the company are Managers and Entrepreneurs with many years of expertise and Know-how in different domain, both manufacture and services, with a good international experience and also with ability to manage new and innovative projects.

Maddalena Nocivelli


Alfredo Reboa

Industrial Processes Expert


Andrea Robbiani

IT Manufacturing Expert

Michele Asioli

Automotive Solutions

Marco Bonezzi

Software Developer

Manuel Fusaro

IT Project Manager

Daniele Frisanco

Software Developer


Allegra Marini

Blockchain Application Manager

Beatrice Venturoni

Innovative Service Design


Alessandro Robaldo

Marketing Saint Gobain

Corrado Del Fanti

Yachting Industry Expert

Giuseppe Meneghini

Business Development


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