Digital Evolution Exclusivity

The company is administrated by Managers and Entrepreneurs with many years of expertise and know-how in different domains, both manufacturing and services, with a good international experience and ability to manage new and innovative projects.

Elena Moglia

Antonio Molinari

Luca Bravo

Maddalena Nocivelli

Antonio e Luca are the owners of Incode Snc

- Full-stack development company
- 2007 Year of foundation
- 200+k Turnover
- 1000+ completed Project

Customers –various agencies and their clients- like:

Maddalena is the owner of S4win and DAB SI Srl

- Digital Company
- 2000 Year of foundation
- 500+k Turnover
- 12 Employees

1500+ completed projects for clients like:

- Security System Integrator
- 1972 Year of foundation
- 16Mio Turnover
- 100+ Employees

Many completed projects for clients like: